General Information

Alubond, U.S.A, the world's largest composite panel brand, provides highest fire rating mandatory for buildings with 21,5 meters and above height with its A2 class panels with non-combustible mineral filled top category according to European Norms(EN).

ALUBOND U.S.A FR-A2 panels and production facility are certified by the world’s leading fire certification institutions Exova Warrington Fire Center of UK and Thomas Bell-Wright, as A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1 standard.

Product Specifications

Alubond FR-A2  is a composite panel with a special mineral filler sandwiched between two aluminum sheets that are 0.5 mm in thickness. The top sheet of the 4 mm-thick Alubond A2 composite panel is coated with PVDF Kynar 500 coating, while the bottom sheet is coated with a  PE based service layer.
Alubond FR-A2, with its durable and non-flammable properties achieved through its superior surface performance and high mechanical strength, is an essential building material in prestigious projects.

Panel Thickness  : 4 mm - 5mm - 6mm
Panel Weight : 8 kg/m2
 Standard Width : 1250mm/1500mm (1600mm’ye kadar / Özel Ölçü Çalışılabilir)
Standart Length :  3200mm (6000mm’ye kadar / Özel Ölçü Çalışılabilir)
Aluminium Sheet Thicknesses : 0,5 mm / 0,5 mm
Top Sheet
Coating : PVDF (min. 25 micron)
Color : Solid, Metallic, Ahşap, Taş, Prismatic, Sparkling, Eloksal, Mirror
Alloy : 3105
Kondüsyon : H46
Bottom Sheet
Coating : Korozyona karşı koruyucu servis tabakası (PE)
Color : Açık Gri
Alaşım : 3105
Kondüsyon : H46
Core : Inorganic, fire rated mineral filling, 3.0 MM in thickness, class A2 (EN 13501-1/En ISO 1716)
High Grade Protective Film : Double-layered LDPE (polyethylene) based, UV-protective plastic film.
Paketleme : ISPM 15 standardına sahip ahşap palet üzerinde, palet etrafı koruyucu plastik şeffaf naylon kaplı.
Width : ± 2,0 mm
Length :  ± 4,0 mm
Panel Thickness : ± 0,2 mm
Alum. Thickness : ± 0,05 mm
Sehim : Uzunluğun ya da genişliğin max. ± %0,8’ini aşmayacaktır.
Diagonal : max 5.0 mm
Exterior Surface : Smooth and flat according to visual inspection criterias.
Edges : The edges are cut straight to maximize the lamination on all points across the panel. The filler or aluminum materials will not exceed from the sides.

Top Surface Coating
The top sheet surface of the aluminum composite panels will be coated with a minimum 25 micron-thick PVDF (polyvinylideneflouride) Kynar 500 paint which has high resistance against weather conditions, radiation, air and industrial pollution. PVDF coatings must be manufactured according to E.C.C.A (European Coil Coating Association) standards and this certification must be available upon request by the sub-contractor company. PVDF paint coating must be UV-resistant (RUV4) and must meet the requirements of the C3 type project zone. The gloss level must be between 25-40 according to the ECCA T2 (600) standard.

Bottom Surface Coating
The bottom surfaces will be coated with a 5-7 microns-thick, anti-corrosive PE (polyester) service paint.


Alaşım EN 573-3 …. EN AW- 3105
Kesit modülü (W) DIN 53293 cm³/m 1,7
Sertlik (Poisson's oranı μ = 0,3) DIN 53294 KN cm2 /m 2320
Kondüsyon EN 515 …. H26/H46
Elastisite Modülü EN 1999 1-1 N/mm2 ≥70000
Alüminyum Çekme Dayanımı EN 485-2 N/mm2 Rm ≥ 175
0.2% Akma Mukavemeti EN 485-2 N/mm2 Rpo ≥ 150
Uzama EN 485-2 % A 50 ≥ 2
Lineer Termal Genleşme EN 1999 1-1 mm/m @100°C 2.4
Ses Absorbsiyonu TS EN ISO 354 ᵅw 0.05
Ses İletim Kaybı (Rw) ASTM E 90 dB STC:27 OITC:22
Thermal Resistance m² K/W 0.003
Temperature Resistance ASTM C 518 °C -50….+80

Solid Colors - 30 Standard Colors (Custom color work possible)
Metallic Colors - 18 Standard Colors (Custom color work possible)
Wood Series - 12 PVDF Coated Special Color (There is a choice of textured matte surface or glossy surface giving natural feeling)
Stone Series - 10 PVDF Coated Special Color (There is a choice of textured matte surface or glossy surface giving natural feeling)
Prismatic Series - 4 Standard Colors
Sparkling Series - 4 Standard Colors
Eloxal Series - 6 Standard Colors (much longer life and appearance of natural metal)

Alubond U.S.A composite panels are resistant against weather conditions in industrial zones and they have self-cleaning properties in most environments. In all applications, it must be washed with hot water once a year from top to bottom for a longer lasting service life. This will cleanse the surfaces of unwanted residue. Alubond U.S.A panels are anti-static and repel dirt or residue for considerably longer periods than its alternatives.

Routine cleaning is advised for Alubond U.S.A panels. Cleaning must be done with only hot water and a tiny amount of surface cleaner, followed by rinsing. Frequency of cleaning usually varies according to the location of the building and the air pollution ratio. Because of the possibility of spotting on the surfaces due to rapid evaporation, cleaning with water is not advised in areas that are exposed to very high temperatures under the sun.

In Alubond U.S.A, we guarantee that we manufacture using the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, which enhances our products in terms of strength, durability and reliability. Alubond U.S.A panels is go-to global brand for architectural projects with its durability against all weather and climate conditions. We always strive to be the best with our continuous R&D studies and enhancements to our product ranges and processes. As Alubond U.S.A, we believe that we always provide the highest quality products with the most favorable prices.

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