Alubond U.S.A - Fire Rated Metal Composites - FR A2, FR B, FR B1, FR B2


First steps towards establishing Alubond Turkey were taken during a magnificent ceremony organized in Abu Dhabi for guests from the United Arab Emirates and other international guests. An agreement was made between the registration rights holder of the world's largest ACP brand Alubond USA, Eurocon Building Industries, which is a subsidiary of Mulk Holdings, and Aldom Group.

Alubond Turkey has been established with an ideal to serve Turkey and neighboring countries. Manufacturing Alubond USA branded Fire Rated A2, B1, B2, Super FR (non-flammable and fire retardant) aluminum cladding panels and aluminum coil coating along with Mulk Holding's entire product range.

Through our experience of over 20 years, our innovative and dynamic structure, with our commitment to quality and product diversity, we strive to provide reliable, high quality products and services. With our experience in sustainability and continuity, we look into the future with hope and continue our journey towards innovation and advancement, bearing the responsibilities of sales and after-sales processes on this path forward.